Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

Colin Goldup, Financial Services

The Vivup range and ways of working has appealed to all colleagues across all locations and pay bands; discounts through to salary sacrifice products.  The large choice, in excess of 4,000 items, is a big game changer for our staff, we have seen a massive take-up compared to last year with another leading provider.

The strength of Vivup’s marketing which has been able to reach our 260+ unique sites and engages well with all areas of organisation through careful use of emails along with the use of Trust branded communications (e.g. Facebook, twitter, screensavers and internal newsletters).

Vivup have been very flexible and have responded well to feedback to evolve and improve.  Vivup have amended the portal homepage to show our car salary sacrifice provider and work with our lease management company to promote this benefit at the same time as their own in-house benefits.

The Vivup portal saves me time: it is extremely easy to use from an admin aspect, I can download staff orders in the system and check order information without having to request from Vivup. Deliveries being made within 72 hours have changed the way staff order: from a personal experience I ordered something on Sunday, it was approved Monday and delivered Tuesday.

Vivup’s account management and commitment to excellence and open dialogue has been excellent.




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