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Category Two

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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

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AVC Wise

  Help your staff retire with more money in their pocket Vivup’s sister company,...

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Recognition and Reward

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Lifestyle Savings

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An opportunity for you to add your own local savings for your employees

High Street and Supermarkets.

High Street and Supermarkets

Save more in the UK’s leading stores, from fashion and supermarkets to toy and pet shops

Health, Fitness and Beauty.

Health, Fitness and Beauty

Keep fit for less in the gym and at home and enjoy serious savings on the latest beauty and wellness products

Home and Garden.

Home and Garden

Save more on everything from D.I.Y. and furniture to fraud prevention and seasonal gifts

Mobile, Broadband, Utilities and Automotive.

Mobile, Broadband, Utilities and Automotive

Access discounts on the latest mobile phones, tablets, home broadband, energy suppliers, automotive suppliers and more

Dining Out and Takeaway.

Dining Out and Takeaway

Save money on food with access to discounts of up to 50% off or 2 for 1 at 6000+ locations across the UK

Online Shopping.

Online Shopping

Great savings on products from the UK’s leading retailers, including ASOS,, Photobox and many, many more

Travel and Entertainment.

Travel and Entertainment

Access to savings on 50,000 hotels, car hire and activities worldwide

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