Help your staff retire with more money in their pocket

Vivup’s sister company, AVC Wise, facilitate the launch and on-going management of a fabulous employee benefit that’s exclusively available to organisations who offer the Local Government Pension Scheme to their employees.

More savings for you and your employees

AVC Wise is a salary sacrifice Shared Cost Additional Voluntary Contribution (Shared Cost AVC) solution. Shared Cost AVCs provide an attractive and compliant way for employers and employees to make National Insurance contribution (NIC) savings when adding money to an employee’s AVC pot.

By giving employees the opportunity to either swap from standard AVCs to a Shared Cost AVC or join the Shared Cost AVC scheme for the first time, you as the employer can save a sum equal to 14.3%* of the total salary sacrifice amount. But not only that, your staff will also make incredible savings in NICs on their salary sacrificed sum, which they can choose to take-home or reinvest into their pot.

Hassle-free and fully managed

AVC Wise provides a fully managed solution to facilitate your organisation’s switch to salary sacrifice Shared Cost AVC’s, including:



All of this, and so much more, come together through our innovative online platform – tailored to your organisation.


To find out more visit or contact your Vivup account manager.


*13.8% National Insurance Contributions savings and 0.5% Apprenticeship Levy savings where applicable.

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