Recognition and Reward

Your very own rewards platform to recognise, engage and thank your employees

Continuous employee recognition from managers and peers is a proven contributor to higher levels of employee engagement, productivity and retention. Our recognition and reward platform, Vivup highfive, makes it easy to show appreciation to your team

Vivup highfive provides:

  • A simple to use recognition and reward platform, enabling you to celebrate employee milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries and long service awards
  • Peer to peer recognition, giving staff the ability to send colleagues a highfive message based on your organisation’s core values
  • A centrally managed rewards solution via a digital Mastercard for your employees to use wherever a Mastercard is accepted


Vivup highfive is an app-based solution available at the fingertips of every one of your employees

Downloaded via a secure link and available on all digital platforms, iOS, Android and desktop. Your platform will be branded and can be personalised


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   Your one-stop shop for: 

Engagement | Recognition | Peer to Peer Recognition | Recognising Achievements | Celebrating Success | Individual Rewards | Team Rewards | Loyalty Rewards | Spontaneous Rewards


Why choose our solution?



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