5 Reasons Why you Should Give Your Employees the option to Get Cycling 

 It is well known that using a bike can help you to keep fit and healthy. As it is Cycle to Work Day, now is a great time to  give your employees the chance start pedalling to the office. In this article, we share with you 5 reasons you should  give your employees the opportunity to get cycling.  

 Cycling is a great way to refresh a stale commute and enjoy some fresh air on the way to or from work. But that is not all. In fact, once your employees discover the benefits of cycling, they will want to keep those wheels turning every day.  

 Here’s just some of the reasons your employees should consider choosing a bike for their next commute:  

 1. Cycling is an effective response to rising fuel prices 

 The cost of living crisis is making for rather unpopular news. And the rise in fuel prices is just one of many financial pressures the UK public must endure. However, according to a recent article by Cycling UK, more UK residents are now turning to cycling as a way to combat the hike in fuel prices and save money.¹ 

 2. Cycling can help you reduce your carbon footprint  

Considering the recent extreme weather events we are experiencing here in the UK, and worldwide, we should all be concerned about the impact of our carbon footprint.  In a 2021 study by the University of Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit, it was revealed that by ‘swapping the car for a bike or e-bike for just one day a week – or going from ‘not cycling’ to ‘cycling’ – drastically lowers mobility-related lifecycle CO2.’² 

 3. It can help with social distancing  

COVID-19 is still a concern for many and has dramatically changed the way we interact with others.  Cycling can be a preferrable choice over the use of public transport due to the ability to social distance and travel in the open air. 

 4. Cycling is a good way to keep fit  

If you’re employees are looking for a low-impact way to stay fit, cycling is a good choice, as it can cause less strain compared to other forms of exercise. Cycling can also be a fun way to stay healthy and is a good alternative to the gym.  

 5. Getting out on your bike can boost your mental wellbeing  

Many people find that spending time outdoors is beneficial to their mental health and wellbeing, and cycling is a great opportunity to do so.  Whether your employees’ route to work is on or off road, it is likely to help them clear their mind, boost their mental wellbeing and lead to long term mental health benefits.  

At Vivup we recognise the importance of Cycling to Work and that is why we offer a Cycle to Work employee benefit. If you sign up to the Cycle to Work employee benefit with Vivup, your employees can start saving up to 43%* and spread the cost on the latest bikes, safety equipment, and high-vis clothing.  

If your employees prefer cycling as a hobby why not offer them the online Bike Shop employee benefit through Vivup, they can choose from a great selection of bikes for their whole family and your employees can spread the cost through monthly salary reductions with no credit checks.  

Vivup, can offer employers a wide range of employee benefits to suit your peoples needs. To start pedalling in the right direction, please email [email protected] or give us a call on 01252 784 541.  


* Savings are realised through a salary sacrifice arrangement. Excluding disposal fee (if applicable). Figures are a guide only and dependent on personal situation. T&Cs apply. 


¹Jaakola, Tiia, Cycling UK (2022) ‘Cycling levels surge in England, as cash-strapped consumers want to drive less, cycle more’ Available at: https://www.cyclinguk.org/press-release/cycling-levels-surge-england-cash-strapped-consumers-want-drive-less-cycle-more (Accessed on 3/08/2022) 

²University of Oxford (2021) ‘Get on your bike: Study shows walking, cycling and e-biking make a significant impact on carbon emissions.’ Available at: https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2021-02-02-get-your-bike-study-shows-walking-cycling-and-e-biking-make-significant-impact (Accessed on 3/08/2022)  


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