Six Quick Tips to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 

 This Friday marks Employee Appreciation Day, and with it comes a perfect opportunity to show your people how much they matter.   

It’s no secret that great company cultures are shaped by year-round employee appreciation, but we’ve put together some quick and easy ideas to help you make this day extra special for your workforce.  

After all, showing gratitude and recognition can boost retention, enhance your company culture, and even optimise productivity!  

 1. Treat your workforce to an early Friday finish 

Give your people that Friday feeling with an extra hour to dedicate to self-care, family time, personal hobbies and any other activities that make them smile!  

 2. Express your gratitude with a thoughtful thank you note

Jotting down a quick thank you for a job well done is a small gesture that makes a big impact, and can be saved and re-read whenever your employees need a little pick me up.   

3. Shine a spotlight on employee appreciation 

Dedicate some time to peer-to-peer recognition by encouraging your workforce to share what they appreciate about their colleagues. You could do this during the first ten minutes of a meeting, in a Teams call or with a group huddle before you start your work day.  

 4. Say thank you with a brew 

Who can say no to a free tea or coffee? A low-cost gesture such as an instant digital card for a takeaway drink can really hit the spot and shows your team how much they’re appreciated. 

 5. Give your people a meaningful green gift 

Make a big impact while supporting your sustainability initiatives by signing up with a tree planting programme such as More Trees. They plant trees on behalf of your business, so you can say ‘thank you’ in a way that really makes a difference to your people – and the planet!   

 6. Host a TGI Friday happy hour

End the day with a virtual gettogether in the form of a fun quiz or competition and give your people the opportunity to share some social time free from work talk. This will go a long way toward boosting morale and happiness (and it doesn’t cost a thing! 

 Make everyday Employee Appreciation Day 

Don’t just stop at one day! Employees thrive on appreciation, so use this day as a catalyst to keep celebrating your people and create a culture of continuous recognition.   

Vivup highfive, our app-based Recognition and Rewardsolution, helps you reach your recognition and reward goals quickly by making easy work of peer-to-peer recognition and celebrating employee achievements.  

To learn more about our Recognition and Reward solutions, email the Vivup team at [email protected]today 

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