5 last minute ideas for Employee Appreciation Day – Friday 5th March 

This Friday marks Employee Appreciation Day. It presents the perfect opportunity for employers and team leaders to show their people that they really make a difference, especially over the past 12 months, where many employees have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  

Many of you may be reading this and thinking “I don’t have time to create a fully-fledged recognition strategy before Friday”.  So, we thought we would provide you with five last minute Employee Appreciate Day ideas that are quick and easy so your people don’t miss out – it will also do wonders for their performance and motivation! 

1. Finish an hour earlier

Feel good Friday – give your employees an hour extra in their weekends to spend on some ‘me’ time.

2. Thank you notes

It’s a small gesture, it doesn’t cost anything, and it can go a long way. An individual note or email to your team members reminding them you appreciate their work. A well written ‘thank you’ is something that can be saved, reread and appreciated in the future.

3. Appreciation spotlight

Start each meeting on Employee Appreciation Day with peer-to-peer recognition – have all meeting attendees say what they appreciate about each other.

4. Thank you coffee

Everyone loves a free coffee or tea! A low-cost gesture like an instant digital card for a takeaway drink can really hit the mark and really show your team they are appreciated.

5. TGI Friday happy hour

End the day with a virtual pub get together. Perhaps have a fun quiz or joke competition – just gathering everyone to share some social time without work stuff, this will go a long way in boosting morale and happiness levels.

Make everyday Employee Appreciation Day!

Don’t just stop at one day! Employees love appreciation so use this day as a catalyst to keep celebrating your people and create a culture of continuous recognition.  

During the 2020 pandemic, when employees were recognised in the past 7 days, they were 103% more likely to feel supported by the organisation and 59% more likely to trust their leaders.  And 64% of employees say recognition and appreciation is even more important while working from home. 

OC Tanner Survey 2020 & Human Resource Executive 2020 

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